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📞 Student Reps

6mo ago

LT meeting 30/01

Potential new residences for next year

  • We visited two residences that will potentially replace Susac next year
  • NOT OFFICIAL YET, no contracts have been signed
  • One is near Novi with space for around 40 students. Two people per room, some rooms have balconies, big common spaces, big terrace, courtyard.
  • The other one is near Mejdan also with space for around 40 students. Three to four people per room, big common room, basement, big roof terrace.


  • Possible future punishments, LT is very worried about the security of Velic, it’s been left open twice at night again.
  • We may need to find a student or two students that are willing to be responsible for locking up at night if it is decided that the current system is not working.

Spreadsheet for refunds (happiness fund)

  • Ljubica is going to share a spreadsheet where you can enter the amount of money you need refunded from her. She will also add the best times to come by her office.
  • If you feel like doing something nice for the people in your residence, like baking cookies, you can keep the receipts and get the money refunded from Ljubica (basically like the happiness fund from last year)
  • Thank you for proposing this particular idea and a general thank you to everyone who participated at the student assembly on Monday, your suggestions are really appreciated and we are working on them :) we got a spreadsheet goin

Study spaces

  • Velic terrace wifi will be improved
  • Spanish Room is open for use as a studying space, feel free to rearrange the tables however you want to make it as comfy as possible

Reusable lunch boxes are coming soon

  • Budget for the reusable containers for the canteen has been approved
  • Final meeting will be held with sustainability commission to go over the system
  • Once we do get them, please be responsible and careful with them. More information will be shared by the sustainability commission soon.

Covid measures

  • We agreed on taking away the requirement of wearing masks in school buildings, as Dipika has shared already
  • Starting Monday, UWC students can officially start using the front entrance of Gimnazija again!

Community meals

  • We are going to talk to Iva about changing the format of the community meals, in order for them to encourage the value of community more, if you have any suggestions please reach out to us!

Second year retreat

  • Please reach out to Julie if you have any suggestions for activities for the senior retreat. We are going to Goranci, and we have a large outdoor space with a meal planned. We have usual classes in the morning, but classes in the afternoon are canceled.


  • This Sunday, a large group of students will be looking at our policies together with Dipika
  • Hopefully we can get our student input into the policies
  • Possibility of having focus groups on specific policies in the future

- Y2 rep

All commissions

Send a message

Don't hesitate to ever reach out if you wanna get in contact with one of the commissions

🌱 Sustainability

7mo ago

Meeting Feb 24

  • further steps of the lunchbox project are being taken
  • boxes for paper waste collection will be set up in the residences, soon (within the next weeks)
  • update on an idea regarding the energy and water usage of the residences: sustainability competition
  • activity planning for march (4 events - concrete information once they have reached an appropriately developed status :'D)

Mareike, 2nd year leader

🏘️ Residential

7mo ago

An update commission meeting (23/01/22)

  • A new channel of communication for the student body was discussed and will be further explored by members of the commission
  • A note that items have been purchased for each residence will be posted on the walls of each residence (will be planned next meeting)
  • Susac has received a new dryer
  • Novi Susac has received a working heater for the common room

Residential Commission

🏘️ Residential

8mo ago

02 February LT meeting

Mitigation measures

Click the links for the following updated documents !!!

Most important updates in our document are for :

  • Students isolated in amicus: wear your masks in the corridors, do not be disrespectful by not protecting the working staff or other guests. You can ask to be isolated with a friend.

  • Students frustrated with the current mitigation measures: please reach out to the student council to carry over your concerns. Student council members are in constant contact with the right people and individual contact is often leading to unconstructive discussions.

  • Visitors to covid positive isolation facilities: there has been miscommunication from staff members, but exempts from isolation people are not supposed to enter the facilities.


  • Meals will all be in the canteen from now.
  • The before option for non isolated susac students to get dinner deliverd in their residence is right now not continued because of complexities with organization given so many students are isolated. However it is being looked into by food commission and hopefully will return as soon as possible.


  • Susac: optic fiber cable should be coming soon that will increase the quality and speed, so it is being worked on
  • Velic: recent internet cuts were not communicated to Emil and are from now going to get worked on,
  • Canteen: to be checked if it can be improved

Checking out in upcoming break & for weekends

Information will be shared by Sonia and Dipika soon. You will be able to check out in the break, and the rules for return will be communicated (it is very likely that you must return on Thursday for a 3 day isolation if you are not an exempt from close contact isolation); checking out is highly discouraged given the extra covid risk; especially because of the importance of trial exams for second years. More activities (outdoor and community) will be implemented to incite more people to stay.

- Julie Y2 rep

🏘️ Residential

8mo ago

17-30 January

All information from student representative meetings was shared via email and the new WhatsApp group, because of the urgency of the covid situation.

- Julie

🎓 Academic

10mo ago

Matters from this week’s academic committee meeting

• Effort grades: the matrix on which the grades are based will be revisited as per students’ request • EE deadlines: as many people’s EE feedback is late, the supervisors are allowed to give extensions for the final submission date upon individual consideration so talk to your supervisor if this is the case with you:) • If teachers give feedback on IAs during the break, the 14 days between feedback and final draft deadline (determined by the academic policy of our school) start still from the first day of classes after winter break (10.1.2022), • TOK deadline: if students need additional time, they have a week after the original (30.11.2021) deadline to submit their TOK essay 1st draft

If anything arises, I have a weekly meeting with Victoria to deal with any issues students may have in addition to the biweekly academic committee meetings. No matter is too small or big, I’m here for you<3

-Iris Raunu, Academic commission leader

🌱 Sustainability

10mo ago

Meeting updates

2nd meeting 28/10/ Updates on issues we have worked on since the last meeting;

  • canteen uses jars for breakfast now instead of plastic packages
  • ljubica has received a detailed plan of our ideas to a) have two sets of reusable food containers for susac breakfast deliveries b) have lunchboxes for susac dinner deliveries, sick people food deliveries and outdior activity days
  • the idea was brought up to collaborate with susac's neighbour school to set up a shared compost
  • more activities for the vegan month were discussed

3rd meeting 11/11 The vegan month has been outlined, and days & hosts for each activity were selected The email announcing the events to be sent out on the following weekend (happened on 14/11)


Mareike, Comission leader

📞 Student Reps

10mo ago


Use of Spanish room:

more educational decoration will be placed and trial study sessions after school time will be created to see if that works. Previously the room would always be arranged with the tables in groups and was always in use for studying, and hopefully that can be brought back. Tutor groups after GA will be asked to place the chairs and tables in such way from now on.


Meri joined meeting and proposed how sleepovers can be organized. Proposal by welfare commission. Dipika and houseparents will need to agree still, but has been agreed with in LT. More communication about this will follow soon! There will be a limit on how many people can switch per weekend.

End of term:

Reminder to be sent by Vicky that Friday is reflection day and there will not be any exams. Winter gala + community dinner will take place on Thursday. Reflection day info will be communicated soon, for now students must assume that they may only leave at 4pm on Friday.

Student council and LT members Breakfast:

will have breakfast together on upcoming Sunday to ensure good communication.

- Julie Y2 rep

📞 Student Reps

10mo ago


From now on student representatives will only join every other LT meeting – so every other Wednesday.

Update on May ‘22 exams:

IB cancelled the exams during Eid, so 2-3 May; good news!! Communication on email with new IB schedule to second years

First aider trainings for students (residences and CASes):

Educators are not ready due to professional development. Vicky will look into whether there is online training options. Waiting for confirmation

College board meeting notes

to be shared with Julie as she was unable to join.

Ruku na srce humanitarian action:

simple UWC promotion materials will be included in the packages

- Julie Y2 rep

🎓 Academic

11mo ago

Points from the academic committee meeting on the 18th of October and meeting with Victoria on the 19th of October

(the outcome is after ":")

Suggested policies • Teaching test materials a minimum of 5 days before a test/quiz/exam: will be further discussed with the department heads • Common policy about dropping grades from the consideration that has been the practice for example in HL math, could be also based on retaking tests a student scored worst: In group 5 (math) dropping the worst grade will most likely become the practice but this must still be confirmed • Statute of limitations on how long it can take a teacher to grade tests, (a month): IB recommended so unless there are extraordinary circumstances, this will be most likely be followed in the future (has to be confirmed still) • Classes during weekends should not be allowed as students have CASes and weekends are important for individually catching up, relaxing and overall taking a break from classes: classes will be avoided during weekends but revision sessions according to individual classes’ needs might still take place • Allowing the use of iPads in classes without exceptions: this will continue to be up to the teacher unfortunately • Josipa: both Y1 and Y2 had tests recently that did not reflect their potential due to Josipa’s inability to facilitate learning (math AA SL): department and HoS will provide help and support to Josipa with lesson content and style regularly

General points • Feedback from EEs in many instances late, should be given 4 weeks after the first submission: extensions with certain teachers that have not provided feedback early enough will be considered, the meeting highlighted the fact that students submitting their works late impacts teacher’s time management and hence time taken to do feedback negatively, • Anthropology EEs; as the students had incomplete information regarding the topics they were allowed to explore, these students should be allowed extensions on their final EE deadline: this will be considered on an individual basis according to needs of the students that are impacted • Information regarding the predicted grades formula: will based on the Assessment policy our school has* • Information regarding office hours, (structured, regular, adequate, for all teachers,): by the end of this week students will have information regarding this • Deadlines: (postponing) physics IA, (postponing) Economics IA, (postponing) Global politics EA, (unclarity) History IA: Victoria will prioritize dealing with the appropriate teachers right away • TOK exhibition grades: students that don’t have their exhibition grades and wish to know them can go to/email Victoria and ask, you can redo your exhibition if you got under 3,

*This is what the policy says

Cumulative grade

At the end of the second, third, and fourth terms, teachers will enter into ManageBac a Cumulative grade, calculated according to the formula below. The Cumulative grade will represent the student’s performance over the course of their entire time in Mostar, and will be the basis from which to calculate the Predicted grade. • T2 Cumulative = T2 Ach50% + Y1Final50% • T3 Cumulative = T2 Ach33.33% + Y1Final33.33% + T3Ach33.33% • T4 Cumulative = T2 Ach25% + Y1Final25% + T3Ach25% + T4Ach*25%

Predicted grade

At the end of the first year and the first term of the second year, teachers will give a Predicted grade, which is a prediction of what the student may achieve for the final IB grade. As such, there is necessarily some room for the subjective assessment of the teacher, even if the teacher should be able to explain the reasons for that assessment. The Predicted grade is based off of the Cumulative grade. The Predicted grade is on the IB1-7 scale, without 1⁄2 grades. If the Cumulative grade is a 1⁄2 grade (e.g., a 4/5 or 5/6) the teacher may predict the student up or down to the nearest whole number, according to their judgment. If the Cumulative grade is a whole number (e.g., a 4 or 5), the teacher may maintain the same grade or predict the student up or down a whole grade, according to their judgment and based on tangible evidence.

-Iris Raunu, Academic commission leader

🌱 Sustainability

11mo ago

First Comission Meeting 09/10

Issues we are tackling right now

  • Garbage in the canteen a) Breakfast: small plastic packs of jam/honey... are going to be replaced by big jars (approved by the canteen) b) big aluminium boxes used for sušac breakfast should be replaced by big reusable containers (working on it with the canteen) c) individual aluminium boxes used for sick people, saved food, outdoor activities: we are developing a system using long-living lunchboxes instead

Projects we are starting to work on

  • school compost (Collaboration with environmental awareness)
  • first steps of recycling (Biodegreadable bags in the residences)
  • a long-time idea that we will reveal when it's ready :')

Upcoming events

  • a specific day after autmn break, we'll let you know on time what it is :D

Mareike, Sustainability Comission Leader

🎓 Academic

11mo ago

Academic commission meeting on 17th of October

Matters discussed:

Difficulties with Bruno: student input has been gathered on the issue and the group 4 representative (Ala) will contact the teacher and department head with the proposed solutions

Office hours: the need for structured, regular and adequate office hours for all teachers is recognized, this matter will be brought up in the academic committee meeting next Monday

Sustaining difficulties with Anja: short-term solutions

  • Alumni resources
  • Victoria and Ian have offered to help with college essays
  • Academic commission will gather outside resources
  • Victoria has offered to help students applying to Europe and the UK
  • Rijad C. (Y2) has been helping Anja with making the microsite clearer and more informative and alternative solutions are explored

Velic key will be given to Ena J and Carlos (Y2) to ensure that Velic is available during weekends in the future as well.

Deadline issues: There are several deadlines that need to be postponed or clarified (Y2 IA deadlines is physics, economics, global politics, history). This will be brought up in the next academic committee meeting.

Predicted grades: the formula for predicted grades still is not available. This matter will be brought up during the academic committee meeting.

Struggles with Josipa: as an immediate solution, the math team CAS will provide study sessions, the matter will be further explored and discussed in the academic committee meeting

Making up for class time due to UWC day: As there is no clear need to make up for one day that celebrated our community, the matter will be discussed in the upcoming academic committee meeting.

-Iris Raunu, Academic commission leader

📞 Student Reps

11mo ago

LT meeting 06/10/2021

Present members: Sonia, Victoria, Dipika, Ljubica, Velema, Haris, Julie, Koen, Tin Other present: Nina

  • Winter break returning and re-opening protocol: Everyone to be back and ready for classes on 10th of January (those who are not vaccinated / have antibodies need to be isolated and should come back in time to finish their isolation by 10/01)
  • Checkouts and testing: Rapid tests to be done by Belmin and Admir 3 days after arrival back in Mostar
  • Project week testing: Rapid tests to be done with everyone who went to a ‘covid less safe’ PW outside of Mostar 3 days after their arrival
  • UWC Day class make-up plan: academic commission bring a proposal
  • 15 year Anniversary activities: Haris to communicate with community commission
  • Exploring BiH trip; communication from Sonia to all community members about the plan & connecting it with autumn break
  • First aider trainings: CAS team to organize training for the first aiders in residences and for specific outdoor CAS leaders. Training should happen before autumn break
  • Biweekly committee meetings: LT members attached to a commission will have to be in a meeting with their respective commission leader biweekly to ensure good communication
  • Balkan studies: students to send out a survey about how Balkan Studies is going so far – it being online .

- Julie (Y2 rep)

📞 Student Reps

11mo ago

Student council meeting 17/10/2021:

  • Every commission leader presented what has been going on in their commission meetings, what the plans are, what issues have come up. Then we talked about solutions to some separate issues that are for the whole student council:
  • Sanja was appointed by the staff as the staff representative on the student council and will be joining every other student council meeting from now on

Issues & solving them:

  • Next LT meeting the proposals for sleepovers and more personal days will be presented by Meri
  • Not allowed to smoke in front of Santic: bring to the LT again whether this measure can be removed
  • Making up lost class time from UWC day – Iris to send a form to teachers whether they need to make up this class time, if so then she can discuss what time is best
  • Key to Velic: proposal to LT in next LT meeting for students to be in charge of opening and closing Velic in the weekends; two members of academic commission will be asked to take on that responsibility (they also will have to check wether windows are closed / ac is off / etc …


  • Every commission and union is to create a group email address, including everyone in the union/commission
  • A whatsapp group will be made which all students should join if they are interested in what the student council does. Only the members of the student council are able to send texts, so it would be a kind of announcement / conversation within student council platform.

- Julie (Y2 rep)

🏘️ Residential

11mo ago

Šantić Measures

Why was the ban implemented in the first place?

The leaders of the welfare and residential commission, as well as the director of student well-being, Dipika, received a large number of complaints from students, house parents and cleaning staff regarding the following:

  • Too much noise in spaces that are meant for studying.
  • Students are in the way of cleaning staff during the day.
  • Common spaces, mainly the kitchen, are often left messy, which increase the workload for cleaning staff and students with cleaning duties.

We kindly ask you to read the new rules carefully, as most are very specific in nature and involve many different aspects. We have also included the reasoning behind most new rules in order to ensure full transparency regarding the rules.

Kitchen rules

The solution that we have come to in collaboration with the student council and Dipika, the student well-being director, is the following:

  1. The Šantić kitchen is only to be used by residents of Šantić. a. Visitors may use the kitchen together with a student living in Šantić. b. Visitors may use the kitchen for CASes or events, e.g. bake sales, competitions, etc. i. Clauses a) and b) only apply provided that the users of the kitchen clean after themselves. c. No matter their residence, students found not having cleaned after themselves in the Šantić kitchen will receive additional duties or be grounded as punishment. d. In order for this to work, we are still heavily relying on students holding each other accountable and respecting these rules.

Reasoning behind solution:

It is apparent that the kitchen in Šantić has been used irresponsibly after extensive feedback from both house parents and students in Šantić.

Firstly, many visitors that use the kitchen leave without cleaning after themselves, although this is recognizably sometimes the case with Šantić residents too. Either way, this leaves the person on kitchen duty an enormous task each night, which we all know may be difficult to handle alongside CAS and academics.

Secondly, many residents of Šantić have found themselves unable to use their own kitchen as students from other residences often occupy it.

So far, no other solution, including encouragement of peer accountability and sign up sheets, have been effective in combating this problem. From other proposed solutions, like the implementation of a security camera, arise even more practical problems. Therefore, for the time being, a kitchen ban was agreed upon as the most reasonable solution, despite still heavily relying on the community’s sense of responsibility. We recognize that some students use the Šantić kitchen instead of that in their own residence due to a lack of certain equipment. The newly formed residential commission is currently working on taking inventory for each residence and negotiating with the appropriate contacts within the school to ensure that this inequality gap is bridged as soon as possible.

General ban in relation to cleaning

In order to respect the cleaning staff and the valuable work they do, the solution that we have come to in collaboration with the student council and Dipika, the student well-being director, is the following:

  1. A partial ban will be implemented, meaning visitors are not allowed to enter the common spaces in Šantić before 15.00 on weekdays.

Study room and common room rules

The solution that we have come to in collaboration with the student council and Dipika, the student well-being director, is the following:

  1. The current Šantić study room is to be made into a common room. a. The Šantić basement will be available to only Šantić residents as a study space. i. Visitors may use this space only if they are studying with a student living in Šantić. ii. Food is forbidden in the basement. b. The Šantić basement will be available for use from 16.00 onwards. i. When there are ongoing CAS sessions in the basement, the kitchen must be quiet in order to ensure one available quiet space at all times.

  2. For now, these times are: a. Tuesday 19.00-20.00. b. Wednesday 19:30-20:30. c. Thursday 19.30-20.30 d. Friday 16.30-17.30.

  3. In the future, when the theatre department requires the space for practicing after school hours, a separate timetable will be prepared. c. The transition will be made through the replacement of furniture from the current study room down to the basement and vice versa. i. The practical arrangements will be made separately.

Reasoning behind solution:

The furniture in the current Šantić study room is not completely aimed at students studying, but more at people who wish to socialize. Moreover, the location of the study room (next to the entrance and the street) can be very distracting when studying. On the other hand, the basement is a quiet and more open space, which the theatre department has allowed students to use instead. Therefore a switch in furniture is needed to accommodate both of these rooms and their needs. However, whenever any other activity is happening in the basement, there must always be another quiet space available for students to study, hence the quiet hours in the kitchen. Furthermore, the ban on visitors in the study room is largely related to concerns about noise, availability of desks, and the encouragement of using other study spaces that the school provides students. As for the food rule, we wish to avoid the emergence of vermin as much as possible.


We are open to and encourage feedback from the whole community. We wish to emphasize that all the rules are negotiable, however, if any complaints arise we wish in return for your cooperation and suggestions of alternative solutions and/or improvements. We also wish for everyone to keep in mind to utilise other spaces the school has to offer for spending free time, studying, etc. These spaces include Velić attic, open classrooms in Velić, the spanish room, and the canteen. Furthermore, these new measures in place in Santic heavily rely on our community holding each other accountable to take care of our common spaces in order to avoid such drastic measures in the future. We wish to remind you that the school retains the right to impose another ban should these rules not be followed. We therefore encourage the whole community to take these rules seriously, and show your willingness to work together and prove to each other that we respect each other and our surroundings. Let us together make sure that Šantić is not permanently off-limits from visitors!

Aure - Residential Commission Leader

🎓 Academic

11mo ago

Academic commission meeting on the 3rd of October:

General points of the meeting:

Representatives for subject groups were appointed and they are as follows:
Group 1: Zeynep, Group 2: Ema , Group 3: Kyrylo, Group 4: Ala Group 5: Ena, Group 6: Oliwia, TOK: Carlos

Issues discussed during the meeting: Content for tests is taught too close to the date of the test

Policy of teaching test materials minimum of 5 days before the test will be brought up in the next academic committee meeting Ess 1s draft IA deadline is on the 20th of October which is for multiple reasons too early. The deadline will be discussed with both Emina and Selma (the Ib coordinator) during the upcoming week Some firsties wish that Balkan studies would be in person Survey will be sent to firsties to find out if the majority would like Balkan studies to be in person. Some teachers are taking months to grade tests Statute of limitations (a month) of how long it can take a teacher to grade an exam, will be brought up in the next academic committee meeting One bad day can significantly impact ones cumulative/predicted grade Ability to retake the test one scored worst on before the next test to make sure students learn the content and that one bad day does not impact your grade too much, will be brought up in the next academic committee meeting Anja and troubles with her approach to university counselling Resources about outside counsellors will be gathered by the academic commission and further measures will be explored. Victoria will start helping people who are applying to the UK and Europe. Temporary solutions are explored and ideas to address the issue are more than welcome. Josipa’s teaching methods Input from students has been sent to the math department head (Elmir) and collaboration between Marija and Josipa suggested to improve Josipa’s methods.

-Iris Raunu, Academic commission leader

📞 Student Reps

1y ago

Leadership Team Meeting 29/09/2021 and 30/09/2021


Students are allowed to keep private fridges within their rooms this year. While a more detailed policy is being made, please assure that your fridge is clean at all times. Furthermore, the LT has informed us that they do not plan on allowing private fridges in the next year.

Abrašević Assemblies

Abrašević will be used for assemblies from now on, which would allow students to be able to comfortably sit down inside instead of being on the school’s courtyard.

Check Outs

Although there is still no permanent solution to check outs during the weekend due to the pandemic, the LT will be working towards giving the students more liberty in regards to check outs if the pandemic situation allows it. The current policy is only a temporary solution that will most likely be changed, and will be evaluated every three weeks.

Velić on Weekends

The school will attempt to introduce number locks in Velić, which will allow students to access Velić by themselves on weekends when it is usually locked.

Canteen Usage

The canteen is open not only during meal time, and can be used as a common area by students to get drinks and snacks, or just to relax. Note that the canteen must be vacated for 30 minutes after each meal to allow the staff to clean it.


  • Novi Sušac will receive a fire alarm system next week. Taps are being installed.
  • Sušac washing machines will be fixed and students will receive usage instructions.
  • Staff Representative for the Student Council will be assigned.
  • Additional fire equipment will be provided to residences.
  • First aiders will receive training.
  • The school is looking into finding a way to allow minors to get their COVID-19 vaccination.

- Tin, Y1 Representative

📞 Student Reps

1y ago

First student council meeting:

We had our first meetup with the student council. So the newly appointed leaders of commissions and student leadership team, and a representative of the student of colour union and the lgbt+ union. Here are the meeting points:

Making notes of meetings:

in order to ensure good communication, at start of every meeting one person in the student council is to be appointed for making and posting notes. Notes will be posted on the UWCiM app. Also everytime a commission has a meeting or the leader has one, notes have to be posted. All notes have to be posted the same day or one day later. Every student receives the weekly newsletter from this app, so all the student council activities will automatically be sent in there weekly.

Email addresses:

new email groups have been made: to contact the student council use [email protected] and to contact the SLT only use [email protected] Each commission is to make an email address as well, which will all be easily made accessible through the app.

Forming of commissions:

all leaders to send their forms to the SLT by Tuesday 5 pm. The SLT will then make one big form in which student can sign up for the commissions, and send that out Tuesday. The application for commission membership will close on Saturday night, and the leaders of commissions are to choose their members on Sunday and share the names on the app and with the student council. The election committee will look at all of the applications and evaluate whether the leaders have been fair in their selection. Every commission will have 6-8 members.

Commission alignment with LT member:

each commission is aligned with one LT member. Food/residential/welfare – Dipika, academic – Vicky, community/sustainability – Ljubica, integration – Haris. Meeting times: The LT meeting times are every Wednesday at 16:15. The Student council will meet biweekly- still to be decided when/where. Respective commissions are to meet biweekly to, preferably not right after student council meetings.

Anonymous LT meeting points:

Student leadership team will send out a form on Tuesday for students to use throughout the year, in which points can anonymously be brought up. Automatically, if someone fills it out, that will be sent to the student council email address.

- Julie, Y2 rep

📞 Student Reps

1y ago


  • UWC day:

    • It will be on a Tuesday, because that is the only time the open-city stage was available, meaning students get the day off and don’t have classes. As we’re already tight on school hours these will have to be made up => an extra school day has to be implemented. Not this weekend, but either around project week (so Saturday before or Sunday after) or on Sunday at the end of our study break in november. This is to be discussed with staff and official information will follow as soon as possible to make sure no-one makes any travel arrangements on this extra day.
    • How to make sure students are hyped and know what the idea is?  - Ljubica will send an email with videos of previous years.
    • More information to be shared with student body in the meeting on Thursday
    • Check the sign-up sheet already shared by ljubica for national performances for uwc day
  • Students need to update their information on Managebac, it’s very important for the registration of our IB exams. (For address put your residence and no nickname is supposed to be by your official name) => This will be done in the tutor meetings

  • Fridges in rooms: a lot of students have personal fridges that they would like to put in their room. It’s not being allowed because: they take a lot of electricity and in previous years they were unhygienic. Larger problem though is that students are getting these fridges because there is no space in common fridges. => LT will invest money in more and bigger fridges for residences. Team of students has to make a plan for each specific residence, where they will go, how many are needed. Also this group can maybe push for the personal fridges again with more arguments. If you would like to work on this, sign up here : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1rmNMVrF21VdVHP1Bo7SQ5lxDdVr1NaOak-3NnBl89hU/edit#gid=0.

  • Covid mitigation measure meetings: these are meetings that took place last year biweekly and students, LT staff & houseparents and all of the covid mitigation measures were reviewed. These are to happen again this year, Dipika will be in charge of them.

  • Student council constitution:

    • Final comments on the document were discussed and approved. 
    • The document and dates of application deadlines, debates/speeches, voting results will be shared. 
    • The vice chair of the election committee is to be appointed as soon as possible
  • Novi Susac residence:

    • Sonia will talk to the owner to see if sinks can be put in again
    • The instalment of a fire alarm, security cameras & number padlock is to be done as soon as possible. 
  • Santic study room is being used by students to hang out and they disrupting others who want to study.               => People need to be encouraged to go to the Velic attic, as it is not being used as much this year. If there are more problems with this the staff wants to stop allowing non-santic students from entering this room, or hand out warnings, etc. Please guys use santic kitchen and velic attic and be respectful to students wanting to actually use this room for its purpose.

  • National committee of BiH is visiting our school 

    • They will have meetings about changes in the selection process
    • To be checked with them, but hopefully our students that went through the BiH selection can give input as well on the process to make it better.

- Julie (remaining student rep)

📣 Communication

1y ago

What you're looking at right now is the student government tab, where commission leaders and student representatives can leave messages to inform the student body about what they've been up to!

- Koen

📞 Student Reps

1y ago

Hey guys! I'm still the student representative until the elections, and the only one left behind from our student government. Please don't hesitate to reach out if there's anything i can help you with!

I have an LT meeting next week Tuesday, let me know some of the concerns you're having

Julie - interim student representative and last man standing on the student government

📞 Student Reps

1y ago

LT meeting 08/02:

  1. Proposal for snacks after dinner in the residence: the need for brainfood, healthy snacks provided for students between dinner and breakfast. A form will be sent to students tonight asking about their energy levels, budget and habits with energy drinks. This will be presented in a meeting between food commission leader (Hissu) and canteen staff. Budget calculations to be made by LT.

  2. Laundry in Susac. Discussion on how to improve the laundry in Susac. Repairments are being made since last week, but need for students to report to houseparents when/which machines break. One dryer has been moved from Santic to Susac.

  3. Velic attic redesign update: work is in progress, currently a discussion about price.

  4. Updates on student reform, Bidita to join next LT meeting

  5. Intranet (the platform school has been working on containing school documents) will be introduced to students this week. Finalisation of the documents in revision.

  6. Update on Koen's app

Julie - Student Rep Y1

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